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Saturday, February 21, 2015

EFT Tapping In Las Vegas

Join us on our new page where we include Las Vegas massage along with EFT tapping in Las Vegas. Here are the links to the new pages. Looking for chronic pain relief in Las Vegas as well as emotional trauma relief? This stuff works!

EFT Tapping In Las Vegas provides chronic pain relief in Las Vegas and emotional stress relief by transforming the wisdom of your Mind and Body to resolve stress, chronic pain and illness. Resume a pain free and satisfying life once again. Join us and learn for yourself.

EFT Tapping In Las Vegas Facebook Fan Page for emotional trauma and chronic pain relief in Las Vegas using modern psychology and acupressure.

EFT Tapping in Las Vegas Home Page welcomes you and provides you with a healing resource that you may not know about and which works wonders. This protocol is utilized world-wide by doctors, athletes, psychologists, psychiatrists, business performance coaches and pain management specialists such as me. Why? Because it gets to the cause, not just a band-aid for the symptom, which is what most schools of practice only work on.

EFT Tapping Las Vegas Protocol takes you through the basics of how to create your setup statement and where to tap on the energy meridians to eliminate pain and emotional trauma in Las Vegas.

Kristopher Kelley
Personal Performance Coach
Northwest Wellness Center
4611 N. Rancho Drive
Las Vegas, Nevada 89130
(702) 203-5670


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